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Government Relations & Communications

Native American Advocacy

The goal of every government relations team and its strategy is to effectively communicate important client policy issues. Merely having a presence in Washington, DC is simply not enough. Government relations professionals must engage with clients, and clients must engage with government relations professionals in a customized and focused strategic approach. The Thunderbird Strategic team is staffed with professionals that know how to navigate the political and policy setting of Washington, DC, in a way that incorporates critically important legal and business development concerns.

Advocacy the Thunderbird Strategic Way

1. Client Policy Concern Recognition

In order to endeavor in any effort designed to influence key decision makers in Washington, DC, it is paramount that client policy concerns and issues are fully discussed and understood by both the team and the client.

2. Strategic Messaging

Once the policy priorities are clearly identified, the team will work with the client in designing attractive, accurate, concise, and effective messaging documents.

3. Key Committees of Jurisdiction and Agency Official Identification

Once a list of policy priorities is determined, the firm’s government relations team will identify the key committees of jurisdiction in both the House and Senate, and Agency Officials whereby the priorities have relevance.

4. "Power Circle"

The firm’s team uses a unique and customized approach in identifying a influential subset of Congress, termed the Power Circle, that can be reached when trying to achieve advocacy goals.

5. Campaign Launch & Identification of Performance Metrics

Once the client and team have identified (i) the issues/concerns, (ii) created attractive messaging materials, (iii) important committees of jurisdiction, and (iv) key decision makers relevant to the issues…alongside the client, the team will develop the timeline to implement the advocacy strategy.

6. Analytical Review

Continually throughout the course of any effort, all associated activities will be analyzed against the metrics identified during the formation of the strategic plan. This constant and real time review will make sure nothing “slips through the cracks,” as well as making sure a thoughtful, coordinated, and consistent approach is being made to address important policy concerns. Monthly, clients should expect to receive detailed reports of all activities.


Thunderbird Strategic’s marketing and communications professionals are experienced with comprehensive media plan development, media positioning and relationship management, as well as realizing results that resonate across the rapidly changing media landscape. This is a critically important service for any government relations campaign, and the existence of a comprehensive and coordinated government relations and media and public relations campaign is absolutely necessary and enormously powerful.

From all cardinal directions on the compass, Thunderbird Strategic’s professionals create campaigns that increase visibility, reach and impact, by fine tuning and implement a media strategy and effective messaging; coordinating direct effective news prospecting, announcements, event promotions; and by developing the tools that support print and broadcast journalists with their coverage on topics and issues important to our clients.

We work with clients in a cost-effective manner that is sensitive to what needs any client desires from the use of such resources. Our team works diligently to ensure that any media and public relations campaign aligns with existing and developing government relations endeavors, with the aim of achieving clearly identified goals. Our services include:

Public relations.

Our professionals take great pride in developing and implementing effective public relations strategies that assist you in achieving short, mid and long-term organizational goals. We know that the best results come from true partnerships with our clients and from integrated strategies designed to achieve measurable goals. The Thunderbird Strategic team is positioned to meet the challenge of offering custom-tailored services to clients. Designing impact-driven strategies, identifying key target groups, developing valuable relationships, these are the trademarks of powerful and effective public relations campaign.

Media relations.

Outreach to the news media, particularly American Indian media, is a significant element of the Thunderbird Strategic communications approach. The firm maintains ongoing relationships with both mainstream and minority media organizations nationwide.

The Thunderbird Strategic team develops press releases, fact sheets, speeches, talking points, press statements and Q&As to support all media activities. We also assist in the development and placement of Op-Eds and letters to the editor of local and national newspapers and magazines. Additionally, Thunderbird Strategic is positioned to provide media coaching so our clients feel comfortable delivering their messages broadly.

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